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Size of Cloth Bag (Tote Bag): 35 x 35 cms & 40 x 40 cms
• HIgh-quality tote bags.
• Each carry bag has four photos.

RKG Publishers after converting so many unique and creative ideas into reality, has one more feather in its cap; it has creatively made paper carry bags in 2 different papers, which are eco friendly, in which eight superlative pictures of different parts of the World are shown and also cloth tote bags with four photos, as to give users a grand feeling of carrying the World with them. Both paper & cloth bags are available in 2 sizes of 12 different places in which the following Countries and cities are covered. CZECH REPUBLIC (Prague), GREECE (Santorini), ITALY (Rome), U.S.A (New York), INDIA (l Agra l Delhi l Goa l Jaipur l Mumbai l Kumaon l Sikkim-Gangtok l The Moon Magical Phases).

RKG Publishers present 40 carry bags (12 bags which will be released and remaining 28 will be released shortly) to start with having 10 groups of 4 paper carry bags each properly selected to make each group equally interesting. The cloth tote bags will be available individually. The countries and cities covered are given below: l AUSTRIA - Vienna l CROATIA – Dubrovnik l CZECH REPUBLIC - Prague l FINLAND - Helsinki, Rovaniemi l FRANCE - French Riviera (Cannes, Monte Carlo, Nice) l GREECE - Oia, Santorini l GIBRALTAR l ICELAND – Reykjavik l INDIA – Agra, Amer, Bageshwar, Bhimtal, Chail, Darjeeling, Delhi, Gangtok, Goa, Hyderabad, Jageswar, Jaipur, Mumbai, Munnar, Nainital, Naukuchiatal, Parwanoo l ITALY – Bagni San Filippo, Catania, Florence, Petro Sino, Pisa, Rome, Sicily, Tuscany, Venice l NEPAL – Kathmandu, Pokhra l NORWAY – Bergen, Kirkens, Tromso l PORTUGAL – Funchal, Lisbon l REPUBLIC OF IRELAND – Dublin l SINGAPORE l SRI LANKA – Colombo, Galle, Kandy l SWEDEN – Stockholm l TURKEY - Istanbul l U.K. – Cotswolds, Evesham, Inverness, London, Stratford- Upon – Avon, Yorkshire l U.S.A. – Boca Raton, Miami, Minneapolis, New York

All the photos on the carry bags are best photos from R.K.G’s collection; also there is a carry bag on Moon’s Phases which is another master piece.

Bulk Packaging: The manufacturer provides bulk packaging optimally customized to minimize freight costs. For special packaging or private-label branding, Please write to us at before or after placing an order.

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