Who Am I - Puzzle

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Age: 4+ Years
Play Time: Unlimited
Parents Involvement: Moderate

Key Features:
• 12 Profession Puzzle: Who Am I puzzle features 12 professions on 6 set of puzzles printed on both side. Each set has 5 pieces make it 30 pieces double side printed puzzle. Ideal for children for ages 3 years plus.
• Career Awareness: The puzzle teaches different professions and association of occupation along with different related object or tools. It help kids about real life occupations and their duties.
• Object Association: 75+ unique objects or tools to map with 12 professions gives in depth knowledge about particular occupation.
• Skills to Develop: The puzzles help increase concentration, develop shape recognition, improve hand eye coordination and problem solving skills
• PERFECT GIFT & A FUN EDUCATIONAL GAME: Great for use in Classrooms, Childcare Center, Home, and Travel. Perfect for quiet time activities. Perfect for Birthday Party Return Gifts.

What’s Inside:
• 30-piece puzzle pieces made from high quality child friendly material.
• Profession description manual

Skill Sets Develop:
• Shape & Pattern Recognition
• Hand-eye coordination
• Fine Motor Skills
• Observation
• Problem solving skills

Eduketive is a new age brand from the makers of Funvention that designs & develops Educational toys with a creative aspect.

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Eduketive products from Funvention, Pune. Great educational products for Nursery, Pre-primary school & Primary school kids. It can also be distributed as a gift or return gift on the occasion of birthday or at children's events.
Proudly Made in India under “Make In India” initiative with lots of Creativity, Care & Love.

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