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  • The story takes place around 1900 BC in what is now India.

  • At that time, the area was known as Meluha and was ruled by an empire created centuries earlier by Lord Ram.

  • Meluha was a prosperous and advanced civilization.

  • However, Meluha faces several threats to its survival:

    • Its main river, the Saraswati, is starting to dry up
    • Terrorist attacks from the eastern land of Chandravanshis
    • An alliance between the Chandravanshis and the Nagas, a group of dangerous outcasts
  • An ancient legend says that when things seem hopeless, a hero will emerge to save the kingdom.

  • The Tibetan immigrant Shiva seems an unlikely hero, but he may be Meluha's only hope.

  • At first Shiva is reluctant to accept his destiny.

  • But a sense of duty and love ultimately compel him to lead the fight against evil.

  • This is the first book in a trilogy about how Shiva transforms from an ordinary man into a legendary figure revered as the God of Gods.

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