Pure Golden Jojoba Oil: Skin & Hair Care (50ml)x2

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Key Features:
• Quantity: 50*2=100ML
• We put a lot of effort into manufacturing quality products that will meet our customers' expectations. And we stand behind every item that we make, 100%. Best Jojoba Oil for Face, Hair & Body. The Jojoba Carrier Oil has remarkable effects on the skin, scalp, beard and hair, and It can be used for all skin types. Light-weight, Unrefined and fast absorbing, it’s gentle enough to be used on even the most sensitive skin.
• No Additives, No Alcohol, No Added-Fragrance and Not Diluted 
• 100 % pure, natural, unrefined, vegan and cruelty free. Jojoba oil extracted traditional cold pressed technique. Disclaimer:- We don't claim that our product in anyways can be used to cure/treat any medical disorders/diseases. Shape of container may change depends on the availability
• Country of Origin:- India
• Ingredient: Jojoba
• Delivery in 8-10 days.

Sanshe Jojoba Oil is 100% pure cold pressed, unrefined and all natural, making it the ultimate treatment for skin and hair. Often referred to as nature’s moisturizer for its ability to mimic the skin’s sebum, our virgin jojoba oil contains vitamins and minerals essential for healthy-looking skin and hair, including vitamin E, B-complex.

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Exclusive beauty and personal care products from Sanshe, Pune.

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