Ribbety Frog - A Simple Mechanical Robot

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Key Features:

• Easy to Build. Fun to Play
• Best Birthday Gift for Boys and Girls
• Best Screen Free STEM/STEAM Toys
• The only Real Life Application Based Toys in the market

Introducing the Ribbety Frog: Your Playful Guide to Gears and Motion! Are you ready for a hopping good time? The Ribbety Frog is here to leap into action and introduce you to the fascinating world of gears and movement. This delightful toy combines education and entertainment, making learning an absolute blast! Designed with curious minds in mind, the Ribbety Frog is a realistic and fun frog-shaped toy that reveals the magic of gears through simple mechanics. With each turn of the gears, the frog's legs extend and retract, simulating the dynamic motion of a real frog's jump. It's the perfect tool for children to explore phases, understand how gears work, and even modify the frog's motion with just a few adjustments to the gear train. It's an interactive and engaging way to discover the principles of movement and experience the thrill of engineering. Children can experiment and unleash their creativity by customizing the frog's speed, distance, and even its rhythm. The possibilities are endless, sparking curiosity and fostering problem-solving skills. To make your gear journey even more exciting, each Ribbety Frog comes with a comprehensive guidebook. This handy resource provides step-by-step instructions for assembling different gear configurations and dives into the basics of gear mechanics. Discover the fascinating world of frogs as you learn about their unique jumping abilities, creating a captivating connection between the toy and real-world biology. The Ribbety Frog is more than just a toy; it's an educational experience that combines hands-on play with STEM concepts. Designed for children aged 6 and above, this Amazon-friendly toy sparks imagination, cultivates critical thinking, and promotes a love for learning. So, jump into action and bring home the Ribbety Frog today. Prepare to ribbet, create, and explore the wonderful world of gears in a way that will have your child smiling, learning, and leaping with joy!.

Exclusive STEM based Children DIY toys from MakenBreak.

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