Nourish Mantra Mysore Jasmine Facial Mist (100ml)

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Rs. 595.00
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Revitalize your skin with the goodness of pure and fresh Jasmine, a natural, aromatic delight.

Made of natural steam distilled Jasmine flower water, this 100% natural hydrating mist is everything your skin needs to stay radiant like a flower. The rich aroma will take you back to the royal palaces of Mysore as your skin immerses in dew-like freshness and sheds the day’s stress.

How To Use:
• Spray a generous amount over the dry face & neck. Use it to infuse more hydration before or after applying moisturizer or on-the-go to give skin a dewy finish.

• Jasmine Flower Water: Ayurveda describes Jasmine as Hrudhya Gandha, which means a fragrance that pleases the heart. Our mist contains 100% natural Jasmine water prepared in an eco-friendly manner by steam distillation of Jasmine flowers.
• Jasmine Flower Water: Jasmine (Mogra) water prevents skin dryness and gives instant hydration to the skin.
• Jasmine Flower Water: Jasmine also contains antioxidants that guard your skin against environmental stressors. It also has anti-aging properties.

Exclusive personal care products from Nourish Mantra.

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