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Rs. 399.00
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Dhoop Batti (Dhoop Incense Cone) has psychological and physiological effects on us. The ancient concept of lighting Dhoop Batti in our homes originated from an Indian tree named ‘Dhoop’ which releases a medicinal resin. It’s used in Ayurvedic treatments, and to prepare incense cones and perfumes. Essentially made up of Ghee, Aromatic Herbs, and Wood Chips, the magnetic aroma and therapeutic elements of Dhoop Batti filter the air around us and calm our mind and senses. Dhoop Batti creates a pleasant, purified, and meditative atmosphere.

How To Use:
• Place the cone on a dry surface. Hold the lighted match to the tip of the cone until the flame appears. Blow the flame out.

Exclusive personal care products from Nourish Mantra.

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