Nourish Mantra Handmade Bathing Bar Soap (Duo)

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Rs. 990.00
Rs. 990.00
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Feel the change in your skin with our handmade bathing bars. Infused with cardamom and turmeric, these bathing bars gently cleanse the skin while their enthralling aroma soothes the senses. While Cardamom & Mint Handmade Bathing Bar Soap cleanses your skin, prevents blemishes & boots skin radiance. Turmeric & Citrus Handmade Bathing Bar Soap prevents breakouts and helps remove tan and improve skin tone.

Experience deep cleansing with an enthralling aroma that soothes the senses.

How To Use:
• Step 1: Wet your skin with water
• Step 2: Gently rub the soap on your body using your hands or a loofah
• Step 3: Rinse clean with water

Exclusive personal care products from Nourish Mantra.

Bulk Packaging: Manufacturer provides bulk packaging optimally customized to minimize freight costs. For special packaging or private label branding, Please write to us on before or after placing any order.

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