Nourish Mantra Anti-Greying Rice Water Serum

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Your one-stop solution to grey hair.

This hair serum is what you need to use in your 20s to prevent hair from greying. It is augmented with the goodness of rice water, across, and fenugreek extracts. All of these ingredients are clinically proven. This hair solution for grey hair is an extra helping hand to make you look & feel your best. It guarantees results against signs of hair aging within three months. Say goodbye to grey hair with Anti-Greying Rice Water Hair Serum.

How To Use:
• Step 1: Apply one dropper twice daily, close to hair roots, on a dry and clean scalp.
• Step 2: Massage gently for enhanced absorption.
• Step 3: Use it over a period of 3 months for significant results.

• Rice Water: This age-old ingredient has been used in India since around 800 AD; it's infused with vitamins and minerals and also contains vitamins B1 and B2, which help strengthen hair roots. It provides your hair with the needed nutrients, showing guaranteed relief against gray hair.
• Arcolys: Depigmentation of hair can be caused by many reasons, one of which is the decrease in melanogenesis activity. Arcolys enhances the expression of antioxidants in melanocytes and stimulates melanin synthesis restoring your natural hair color. Just after 2.5 months of using Arcolys, users saw a significant decrease in white hair density.
• Fenugreek Extract: Fenugreek has high protein content, which helps prevent hair fall, dandruff, and other scalp concerns like dryness, hair thinning, and baldness. It is an incredible source of antioxidants that help prevent gray hair and promote hair growth.

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