Plant Your Words - Plantable Pens- Blue (10 Pieces)

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Plantable pens contain seeds of flowers and vegetables towards the end of the pen in a capsule. Once the refill is finished – you can insert the pen upside down into the soil, water it regularly, expose it to sunlight and see it turn into a plant. Plant it upside down to see it bloom into an exotic plant. With every writing of ours, we are taking a step towards being Eco-friendly.


Plantable Pens: -
Everyone nowadays either a student or a working employee, you’ve daily got to write using pens. No doubt, gone are the days when people use to refill the pens using ink and reuse it. Today, they make a way to the trash bins just after use. We don’t even bother to get along with the refills.

Unique things about Eco-friendly Pens
Aiming towards cutting down the use of plastic, these pens are designed using recycled handmade paper. all the organic seeds are specially selected by the ecological experts before further processing. And what can be better than getting the best quality seeds for your plant yield
Being 95% plastic-free


Color, print & size -
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