Plant Your Thoughts - Recycled Newspaper Plantable Pencil- (10 Pieces)

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Traditional wood-based pencils are the result of heavy aforestation. A 15 to 18-foot long tree needs to be cut down to make 2000 pencils, and there are over 15 billion pencils produced worldwide every year. These eco-friendly pens are made from recycled newspapers which are wood-free, also motivates you to plant a tree, contributing to a greener and cleaner environment. Such a unique product can also be used for gifting to your corporate friends and family.


• Recycled newspaper plantable pencil
• Product by Ekomart
• Buy an Eco-Friendly Newspaper Pencil with a plantable seed made up of newspapers.
• The Pencil that grows.
• Stop using wood and switch to a greener option.
• Uses Hybrid Seeds.
• Five different seeds are available.

FROM USE & THROW TO USE & GROW: Naturebricks pen and pencils have seeds at the back of them. Once too short to write or the pen is out of ink, they can be grown into plants (mixed seed varieties).

SUSTAINABLE MATERIAL: Packaging, pen, and pencils outer body is made with 100% recycled and biodegradable paper

GREEN GIFTING PRODUCT: For anyone who wants to create a positive impact on the planet. Practical exposure to learning about seeds, germination, upcycling. Highly recommended in school and social activities/functions.

ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: Designed and made in India to reduce waste, promote recycling and encourage planting activities.

1) No new materials are required in manufacturing these pencils, as we are reusing waste papers and protecting the environment.

2) The paper is completely bio-degradable, so no pollution problem.

3) These pencils are made from recycled paper and not from tree wood thus saving billions of trees to be cut down.

4) These pens are embedded with vegetable/fruit/flower seeds. After the purpose of these pencils to be used as a writing instrument is served, we can just bury them in the mud pot and the seeds grow into new saplings or plants.

5) These seed plantable pencils will sprout within 6-9 days after planting and can be used for your home garden or office desk.

Steps To Plant A Tree with Seed Pencil:

1) Take a pencil, write and sharpen and use it.

2) When it is too short to use, gently push it in a pot with soil

3) Keep the pot in the sun and water it regularly.

Within 7 – 10 days you will have sprouts coming out!


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