Blooming Memories - Plantable Bookmarks (10)

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Rs. 240.00
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These colourful bookmarks with slots are perfect for promotions and gifting! They are printed in full digital colour with your choice of a seed paper shape slipped into the printed slot.


• Made from 100% wood-free cotton scrap-based paper with seeds embedded in them, these bookmarks are sure to bring joy to many avid readers and beginners alike.
• You can plant the bookmarks after you’ve read the book as a reminder of the literature that brought you joy! Plantable Bookmark

Are Plantable Bookmarks organic?

Our Plantable Bookmarks are made up of recycled seed paper. They are printed with digital ink. So, they are completely organic and biodegradable. The best part is that you can choose the seeds you want in your bookmark. Just fill up a form for getting your bookmark customized. 


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