Stone, Crystal, Dori Beads, Crystal Bracelet

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Natural snowflake obsidian gemstone 8 mm round beads double layer adjustable bracelet

Key Features:
• Model Name: Snowflake obsidian beads double layer adjustable bracelet
• Model Number: Snowflake obsidian bracelet-01
• Ideal For: Women, Men, Boys, Girls
• Type: Bracelet
• Color: White, Grey, Black
• Base Material: Stone, Crystal, Dori
• Bangle Size: Free
• Gemstone: Beads, Crystal
• Adjustable Length: Yes
• Pack of: 1
• Body Structure: Close
• Design: Thread woven style gemstone beads bracelet
• Other Materials: Natural Gemstone beads
• Occasion: Love, Religious, Everyday, Workwear, Wedding & Engagement
• Finish: Glossy polished gemstone beads
• Diameter: 2.6 inch

Book Bargain Buy has a unique collection of semi precious gemstones from genuine artisans. 

These stones are marketed by Pumpkin International, Jaipur and are tested as per INDIAN GEMMOLOGICAL INSTITUTE applicable on such products. Customization is subjected to Manufacturer's MOQ(Minimum order Quantity).

Secure Packaging: Pumpkin International provides secure packaging and customization options to minimize shipping costs. For special packaging or private label branding, Please write to us on before or after placing any order.

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